Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buddee and Elliebelle get released

Yesterday (2/22/11) I released Buddee and Ellibelle. They are about 6 months old. Buddee came back this morning (2/23) into the cage he was raised in.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Former Co-worker Apologizes for Insulting Baby Squirrels

Shortly after I got the baby squirrels Buddee and Elliebelle in October or November, I decided to show off pictures of them at work. Some people told me how cute they are, but one lady acted as if I was showing her a dead spider. This really insulted me. The ignorance some people have regarding rodents in general is appalling. Even though it was several months ago, I finally decided to call her at work to ask her for an apology. I couldn't confront her in person because I had transferred to a new job location. She said, "If I said anything I didn't mean anything by it." Then she hung up. Not sure if she was sincere or not.

I still have the two, and they have grown.