Monday, February 7, 2011

Former Co-worker Apologizes for Insulting Baby Squirrels

Shortly after I got the baby squirrels Buddee and Elliebelle in October or November, I decided to show off pictures of them at work. Some people told me how cute they are, but one lady acted as if I was showing her a dead spider. This really insulted me. The ignorance some people have regarding rodents in general is appalling. Even though it was several months ago, I finally decided to call her at work to ask her for an apology. I couldn't confront her in person because I had transferred to a new job location. She said, "If I said anything I didn't mean anything by it." Then she hung up. Not sure if she was sincere or not.

I still have the two, and they have grown.


The Queen of Green said...

People (especially those in the South) are extraordinarily close-minded. It's just a given that if you're an animal lover or vegan or an environmentalist, ignorant people (usually extreme conservatives, it seems) are going to make idiotic and short-sighted comments.

Bless you for the work you are doing to help these sweet, clever, and precious animals.

Is there a way folks in the DFW area can help support the work you are doing?

squirrelmama said...

I am glad you spoke up on behalf of these squirrels, and your right to care for them as you do. People may have a right to think what they may think about those of us who do this kind of work - but they should also respect the worth and dignity of these creatures. Either that, or they should just keep their opinions to themselves. Glad you did what you did.
By the way, those two squirrels are gorgeous. We don't have foxers in NY. They are awesome!

Sherry said...

We have a squirrel we raised, he was orphaned and had his eyes closed when we got him. He is about 8 months old and he needs a home. We are moving and cannot take him with us to our rental and no trees at the house we are moving to. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We live in the Ft Worth Tx area. Our squirrel is a male and very sweet, he loves people and hate to think of just turning him loose. If someone had some pecan trees and a patio for him to interact with humans or something like that, would be great. Any suggestions appreciated!