Thursday, May 31, 2007

Exxpose Exxon Protest

Yesterday morning I've attended a protest outside a building where Exxon shareholders meet once a year. Over 30 others were there. It was to spread environmental awareness in hopes that Exxon would change their policies and become more environmentally friendly. Environmental awareness helps squirrels and other wildlife, at least indirectly.

Click Here to see a video of the protest. I can be seen for a brief second in the background in timestamp 1:09.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother Squirrels

Mother's day was a just few days ago, and it made me think of how special and important mothers are. Unfortunately, many people forget about mothers in the animal kingdom. Once or twice a year, depending on the species, squirrels have babies seasonally. It is always a joy to see new life seeing the world for the first time, whether a human baby, a baby squirrel, or other baby animal. Squirrels can be excellent mothers.

Call me a Bambi-ist, but I believe that one of the worst tragedies in nature is when a mother animal is killed, leaving her babies helpless, hopeless orphans. Sadly, some states and counties (namely several Texas counties) have no seasonal limits on squirrel hunting. This opens the doors to irresponsible and reckless hunting. Hopefully there are enough wildlife rehabilitators to rescue orphaned baby squirrels whose mothers have been slaughtered by heartless rednecks. I have created an online petition to stop this year-round hunting, but unfortunately people on BOTH sides of the issue took it out of context, and I have no way of editing it. My intention is not to ban hunting altogether, but to protect mother animals during their nursing season.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Texas Squirrels

There are 10 species of squirrel in Texas. Only 3, however, are found in the DFW area: fox squirrel, Southern flying squirrel, and Thirteen-lined ground squirrel. Only the first of these is commonly seen. The gray squirrel is found further east, because they like pines. There are hardly any pines in the DFW area, and fox squirrels are more tolerant of pine-free areas than gray squirrels. Last weekend I took a trip to a Christian camp aptly called Pine Cove near Tyler, TX, and saw a couple gray squirrels. Though this encounter may seem rather unfascinating to many, it was exciting for me because I haven't seen a gray squirrel in over 3 years.