Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buddee and Elliebelle get released

Yesterday (2/22/11) I released Buddee and Ellibelle. They are about 6 months old. Buddee came back this morning (2/23) into the cage he was raised in.


Millie said...

They are just gorgeous!

You are so lucky to have such beautiful squirrels

squirrelmama said...

A job well done - and a labor of love, which I know you undertook gladly in partnership with mother nature. Buddee and Elliebelle were lucky to have been given the gift of your stewardship. Godspeed to them both.

Emily said...

It's April 25th and I was wondering how your squirrels are doing. You haven't updated since you released them! I'm about to release 10 of mine from last's the hardest part!