Saturday, July 7, 2007

Will Investigate

I believe the possible suspects in the December 2005 nailed squirrel case go by the nicknames "Snake" and "Wolf" and are, or were, Dallas residents. These two were fanatical cyberbullies who verbally and emotionally harrassed members of a Yahoo group, SquirrelLovers, and created a blog called Varmit Poontang. This blog contained graphic pictures of dead squirrels used to intimidate and anger people who love squirrels. The three nailed squirrels were probably part of a photographic demonstration. I am certain it was much more than 3 squirrels that were killed. Yahoo and Flickr, hosts of these images, deleted them, and the Varmit Poontang blog was taken down. That is bittersweet, because nobody wants to see those images, but they could have been used as evidence. The only evidence left are the harrassing comments in the archives of the SquirrelLovers Yahoo group.

I am going to be visiting the scene of the squirrel massacre. I will be at the 3400 block of University Blvd in Dallas on Monday, July 9, to see if I find anything unusual or suspicious. Even though this happened almost 20 months ago, it is still worth a look. It is sad that the police aren't sure if a crime was even committed... well, of course a crime was committed! And I'm going over there to solve it.

The following are, or should be, considered criminal activity in this case:

  • Hunting within city limits
  • Discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood
  • Verbal and emotional harrassment via Internet media
  • Intimidating and angering people by using dead animals as props
  • Animal cruelty (if squirrels were still alive during the nailing)
  • Drug use (anyone involved in the above is obviously on drugs)


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