Monday, July 9, 2007

SMU Squirrels

When going to the scene of the bizarre dead squirrel display, I didn't really find much. I wasn't really expecting anything; but I went anyway because it was worth a shot. I asked residents who lived near the alley if they knew anything about it, and showed them the article, but they didn't know anything like this ever even happened. I did notice a strange odor (like rotten meat) near one of the alleys, but it could have been anything.

Across the main road, Hillcrest, was Southern Methodist University (SMU). I decided to take a look at the squirrels over there. Sadly, I saw a dead doe on the sidewalk there, perhaps a victim of an internal parasite. There was no sign of blood or predation. Other than that, SMU has a pretty good population of fox squirrels; I saw at least 20. I managed to get some pictures of these squirrels. Below is the only picture that came out okay.

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