Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Squirrels are Finally Here!

I finally got to attract some squirrel visitors to the measly little redbud tree in my backyard. At least one squirrel is eating on a corn cob squirrel feeder.


squirrelmama said...

Excellent, congrats! Will you be able to post some photos?

squirrelnutkin said...

So wonderful to find another squirrel fan in Texas. Unfortunately, there are not too many!

Last week, while walking by a house in Plano, I noticed a "humane" trap on top of a fence with a trapped squirrel inside. He was frantically trying to get out and another squirrel was running all around and over the trap. Remember, this trap was on top of a fence, in the sun with no shade. I rang the front door bell of the house, but no one answered. I left a note on the front door about the stressed and possibly dying squirrel in their trap.

Today I walked by the same house. The trap is still there in the hot Texas sun, with another? squirrel trapped inside.

This is so cruel. But I know the people do not care and its tormenting me.

Any ideas of anything I can do would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am very impressed about your squirrel's site.
I start feeding them outside of our apartment and watching them all the time, when I see they get ran over by car I pray for them.
People think I am crazy but I felt all the animals has no choice who they want to be...
Good Job BRO,,,,,

squirrelmama said...

This is a message for squirrelnutkin. While so-called "humane" traps are legal, they are only "humane" if the animals are not left in there to roast in the sun, dehydrate, injure themselves or slowly die. Your local SPCA should be called and they can send enforcement officials - it probably is unwise to confront the people yourself. We have had the same situation here in NY and....well, we resolved it with a little subterfuge because we could not stand the suffering. We simply went over to the trap and liberated the squirrels when we found them. (Fortunately we were never caught). Yes I know this is trespassing but...torturing animals is not legal either.

kmbrco said...

I agree with Squirrelmama - trespass and set the squirrels free. This method is cruel!

We wouldn't do such a thing. We're fans of our neighborhood squirrels.
I took a photo of one (we call him Mr. Squirrel) and entered it in a Hallmark card contest. He's a finalist!

Please vote for him (until Aug. 31) at www.hallmark.com/you.

Thank you! (Free those squirrels!)

Anonymous said...

Greetings from a ground squirrel mom! I came across this site while seeking info on these little cuties. I am seeking some input on learning more about them... bathroom habits (ours has quite an attitude on the litter box) sounds and their meaning... anything. anyone out there that can help me?

Squirrelman said...

Someone had asked about identifying a squirrel that is mostly brown with a white blaze on the nose. I can't find the post, but I'll identify it here:

Eastern fox squirrel, southern variety, most likely a Sherman's fox squirrel.