Thursday, August 23, 2007

Squirrel Haters

Okay, here's another rant about squirrel hater/killers. It's not my favorite thing to talk about, but here goes. I try my best to talk sense into them about squirrels, but they still think they're vermin. Perhaps I shouldn't be angry at these people, but rather, feel sorry for them. Not just for whatever squirrel problems they may be going through, but also because they don't seem to have that ability to see the good things in squirrels. It's as if they're in a muddy pit of hatred and bloodlust; and they don't know how to, or are simply unwilling to, swim to the shore of truth and beauty.


Anonymous said...

Reality belongs individually to each of us... my world is not ever 'your' world, which, I suppose, Is why writers write.

One evening, while watching dogs cavort about in our garden, I heard something that was not familiar, not a neighborhood sound.

Where was its source? It was not the neighbors; it was a sweet sound and came from above me.

I looked up to the sky once more. What was it? Peering upward, I could see nothing. I checked and yes, my glasses were still perched firmly on my nose. It was a city-lit night sky, dark with ambient light; nothing out of the ordinary.

There! Right in the middle of the sky, almost close enough to touch-- where nothing had been prior, I saw a moving, swirling shape. Occasionally it would swirl and blink an incredible brilliance into my eye, sharp and clear. Breathless with joy in its beauty, I watched it do a slow dance, still winking its brilliance.

The shape changed; clearly I could see a beautiful Angel, dancing in the night sky over Bakersfield, California.

Yes, it might have been the moon covered by cloud wisps, but it had sure looked like a dancing Angel to me.

Anonymous said...

this is a true story I live in South Ozone Park queens NYC it was during Hurrican Irene. they closed the entire city. I was walking down the street I saw a nyc grey squirrel(rats with fancy tails) peeping out a hole of a tree. I felt a slight bolt of electric in my hand. I BELEIVE IN MY HEART THAT THAT RODENT SHOT ME WITH AN ELCTRIC GUN THAT was terrible. I always thought that RODENT was my FRIEND.