Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Roy Orr Trail

I decided to go to Roy Orr trail for a couple of reasons. To test my new Fujifilm camera on the squirrels, and to attempt to collect pecan tree seedlings for my yard. It was uneventful, because it is not really the right time of year to do either of these things. For one, I was only able to get a couple of pictures of squirrels, and they came out too blurry. I never got the chance to test other modes on the camera because there wasn't enough squirrels. The other problem was, the soil was much too hard and dry to dig up pecan seedlings without destroying the roots. So I went back home empty-handed. :-(

Perhaps I'll have better luck next time!

On a bit of side humor, I don't think this trail was named by someone named Roy Orr. After the trail was completed, some people were disputing about what to call it, until a dog came along and barked, "Royorrrrr".

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