Saturday, March 3, 2007

Squirrel Awareness Tip #1

Sometimes you might go shopping for squirrel supplies, and go to a store that doesn't carry a certain item for squirrels. For instance, some Wal-Mart stores sell squirrel feeders, while others do not. I strongly encourage politely speaking with a manager of one of those stores about stocking the item, even if you don't normally shop at that store. If a new squirrel item is stocked at a store where it previously wasn't available, it will help other customers become more squirrel-aware by buying the item.

And that's my squirrel awareness tip for now. My Squirrel Awareness tips will be numerical, instead of "Tip of the Day" or "Tip of the Week," because you may never know when I'll come up with a new tip. I will be posting others later. So please stay tuned!

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