Thursday, March 1, 2007

Prairie Dogs Continuously Get Poisoned

Despite the fact that prairie dogs have lost 98% of their habitat, they continually get poisoned and shot for the lamest of reasons. One recent example is in Lawton, OK, where they were poisoned to help tourism, or something like that. If anything, that would cause people to NOT come to Lawton. Many people want to go to western town parks to see prairie dogs. I suppose the government of Lawton are the kind of people that want to kill first and ask questions later. Poisoning is very cruel, especially during this crucial time of year when babies are born.

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Vicky said...

Oh that is sooo sad that there are idiots poisoning these poor little, beautiful animals! How can anyone not find beauty and amazement in all of God's wonderful creatures? Lawton doesn't have to worry about me ever visting if that's the type of people live there. I hope everyone feels the same way I do.