Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Anniversary

Yesterday marks the first anniversary of this blog. It also happens to be my birthday. No, nobody gave me this blog as a birthday present last year. It's just a coincidence that I happened to start it on my birthday.

Anyways, I noticed some more squirrel activity lately. They are getting ready for the spring breeding season.


Mernie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Thanks for your blog about Squirrels!
We have lots of them on our property.
I've enjoyed watching them this past winter.
Which they seemed more active then
compared to right now.

Mernie said...

Happy belated birthday!

Thanks for this blog.I'll use this blog for more of an understanding of them.
We have several squirrels living on our property.
They are well fed from our hickory trees and also the sunflower seed we put out.
Interesting, I saw more of the squirrels this winter then right now.