Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Flying Squirrel Breeding

My flying squirrels used to be able to breed, but they stopped a couple years ago and all the babies are long gone. I want to do everything I can to help them breed again, so that Scalisti (my oldest) can have a son as an heir before he passes away. Last year, I bought a larger cage and put vitamins in their water to see if that would work, but with no luck. That large cage is currently home to Sunda, and the flying squirrels have since moved back to their original medium-sized cage.

Since using that big cage didn't work, I am using a different method. If there are fewer flying squirrels per cage, breeding success may be increased. So, Scalisti and Orchid will be together in the medium cage, while Caramel, Nibbles and Rakita are in a smaller one. Hopefully this will allow Scalisti and Orchid to be like "hey, there's more room here now. So let's have babies!" They will also be given vitamins, including, and most importantly, extra calcium.

This is Orchid, my 9-year-old female and most experienced mother.


Deborah Lane said...

Dear Squirrelman,
several years ago I rescued a southern flying squirrel from my cats. We built her a fairly large habitat in the yard (20'x15'), because she had permanent injuries and could not be released into the wild. After looking into it and discovering that they are very social creatures we got two more to keep her company. In the last three years she only had one litter last year. But last night we went to visit her (she and her family are usually fed during the day) and to our dismay there were over 15
squirrels scampering about.They all appeared very healthy and beautiful. You are welcomed to have as many as you want. Tell us how to safely send them to you and we will.

Debi Lane

Anonymous said...

would like to know what do you think about the relationship between hawks and squirrels.
And if you are against falconry ( hunting squirrels with hawks). :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding ignorant, in your experience and knowledge is it okay to breed an Eastern flying squirrel with a Southern? No additional risks due to type?

Squirrelman said...

Well, the "Eastern" flying squirrel isn't really a species. They are referred to as the Northern and Southern flying squirrels. Maybe that's what you mean. I've only heard rumors of successful breedings between Northern and Southern flying squirrels.

Anonymous said...

My flying squerel snickers is alone in here cage her friend past away and I don't no if I should get another friend for her what should I do and if I should were can I get another boy one

Anonymous said...

Dear squirrelman I have a flying squirrel named snickers she had a frenid that died a couple of months ago I don't know if I should get her another boyfriend what should I do and If I should get her another boyfriend how do I get another one